Care a combination skin - tips and treatments

How to care of Combination Skin – Tips and Treatments

Combination skin is the most common type of skin. It’s hard to take care of it with its oily and dry parts, and it’s also hard to find the right cream that works to give it all its shine.

What is combination skin?

Combination skin is, as the name suggests, the coexistence of several skin types, most often marked by an oily area (the forehead, nose and chin) and a dry area (the cheeks and temples).

Indeed, combination skin produces on the one hand, an excess of sebum in the T zone, which can favorise the appearance of red pimples, or even blackheads or acne, and a less hydrated zone which can cause irritation, even tightness.

The skin texture is irregular in the T zone, with large pores and the skin is shiny, while the cheeks appear uniform and flat. For this type of skin, I advise you on the care to be given to your combination skin, starting with cleansing, exfoliation and day care and adopting eating and hygiene habits to have a beautiful skin.

The T Zone of a Combination Skin
Combination skin and its famous “T zone”

How to take care of your combination skin?

Combination skin being complex, it requires different needs depending on the areas of the face. You should therefore avoid products that are too astringent and favor the use of non-fatty products.

The goal is to both limit excess sebum while hydrating dry areas. It is important to use a gentle cleanser at least once a day, focusing on the oily area. In the morning, a moisturizing and mattifying treatment will be used which will stabilize the secretion of sebum and in the evening one will apply a repairing treatment for combination skin.

Once a week, we apply a scrub and a clay mask to rebalance the skin.

It should also be noted that combination skin is very sensitive to external aggressions (sun, wind, cold, etc.), for this it is essential to use adequate sun protection.

What are the best treatments for combination skin?

I have used my own experience to offer you a range of products that I use every day to take care of my combination skin.

A gentle cleanser for combination skin

Clarins Doux foaming cleanser is ideal for combination skin, it calms the skin and purifies it in an instant.

Green clay is suitable for combination skin

Green clay is great for absorbing excess of sebum. It also has healing and soothing properties. Applied as a mask, it will notably help relieve redness and overheating and, in the form of a paste, it also dries up unwanted pimples.

A serum for combination skin

Between cleansing and hydrating the skin, do not forget the serum, which is a concentrate of active ingredients that acts as an intensive care for the skin. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum is particularly suitable for combination skin because it limits shine, reduces the appearance and size of the pores and visibly refines the skin texture.

The best face moisturizers for combination skin

I have used Clinique’s anti-shine mattifying moisturizing gel for a long time, which is perfectly suited to combination skin and I still recommend it.

Another cream I recently discovered is Advanced Bio Ultra-Fine Texture Day Moisturiser. It is an anti-aging cream that also helps mattify the skin and provide an effective protection against pollution.

If you are interested in this cream I can offer you 15% reduction on its purchase with the ANTHONY15 coupon. It is the ideal cream for ages 30 and up and you can buy it from Avant website.

As a night cream suitable for combination skin, I particularly recommend the Clarins Multi – Active Night Normal to Combination Skin, which visibly reduces the first signs of aging and helps restore skin’s natural tone and elasticity.

A sunscreen suitable for combination skin

As with the previous cares, I have tried a lot of different products and the best cream I can think of all is the Elta MD UV Broad Spectrum SPF47 Screen which is water resistant and oil free. This avoids having too shiny forehead at the beach.

Healthy lifestyle and combination skin

Just like in my previous article on how to avoid premature aging of the skin, I would repeat myself to say that, on the one hand, tobacco which destroys vitamin C, changes the skin and its texture. It causes premature skin aging and promotes wrinkles and sagging. In addition, tobacco increases sebum production and absorbs the skin’s natural moisture. For all these reasons, I strongly recommend not smoking if you want to get a radiant skin.

On the other hand, our food has a strong impact on our skin. The overconsumption of fast foods, sugary drinks, alcohol leads to asphyxiated, enlarged pores and an overproduction of sebum, and therefore an even more shiny and dull skin. It is important to drink water daily at a minimum of 1.5 liters, eat several fruits and vegetables per day, balance your meals and ingest nutrients rich in antioxidants. Plants such as wild pansy, sage, nettle and burdock help regulate excess sebum and purify fatty areas, just like zinc.

Finally, skin hygiene is fundamental. Unmaintained skin will weaken and regenerate less well. Cleansing favorises cell renewal through its gentle exfoliating action, smoothes the skin texture, frees pores clogged by impurities and sebum.


In conclusion, I admit that it is not easy to have combination skin every day and it does require a little bit of time and investment. However, it is possible with a little effort to have perfectly hydrated, healthy, luminous and comfortable skin all year round, without redness or shine.

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